With emphasis on specialization

RENOX specializes in the design, construction and management of high quality projects with architectural design of top aesthetics and functionality, while aiming at the perfect completion of each project, thus ensuring the highest possible quality in the execution of its activities.

In each property, the company takes care to give weight to the correct and accurate preparation of the initial study, through which the stages that must be implemented for its successful completion are foreseen, always according to the schedule that has been determined. At the same time, all studies are based on the new thermal insulation regulations based on K. en.P.K (regulation of energy performance of buildings), while with particular attention are carried out all static studies so that each project meets the necessary technical characteristics for the acquisition of static competence.

RENOX, having in mind the functional architecture, the aesthetics of the site and the surrounding area, proceeds to the construction of buildings by applying bioclimatic design (according to a study of climate and location}.

Thus, the appropriate thermal facade is selected for each case in order to effectively protect the property from the weather phenomena of each geographical area that results in the reduction of heating and cooling costs.

For the construction of internal, load-bearing or filling masonry and fireproof walls, the company has chosen the use of environmentally friendly materials YTONG Blocks. The application of which ensures optimal fire safety, bioclimatic comfort winter-summer and excellent sound insulation of the property. At the same time, new technology insulations are used in each project, while all properties after their completion acquire an Energy Performance Certificate (e.g.E.P.).

Emphasizing on functionality, quality and excellent aesthetic design combined with the search and use of new technologies, styles and excellent (ISO certified) materials, the company aims to create standard building facilities that act as benchmarks while improving the built environment.

Finally, the RENOX team has the necessary know-how to carry out projects of special requirements, always emphasizing on detail. The company’s Partners (architects, engineers, surveyors, decorators, etc.p.) and the experienced crews with which the company cooperates, ensure the excellent construction of quality projects with duration over time.

Possessing the culture and passion for the construction of each building installation, the company RENOX manages and responds with complete success to modern requirements, faithfully following the specifications of a perfect and modern construction!


RENOX has been actively operating in the field of private project construction with the right expertise in the study, design and construction of luxurious properties in both Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.

The RENOX Company has a distinct advantage of being able to work on all types of residential constructions including urban, country house and tourist residencies (detached houses, apartments and terraced houses), always delivering real estate properties of exceptional design and high quality construction.

The steps of residence construction vary with the complexity and nature of each project but essentially the process of construction that the company follows is divided into the following steps:

• Selection and purchase of site
• Issue of building permit
• Construction site fencing
• Excavation and foundation establishement
• Placement of metal frame
• Masonry and plaster placement
• Placement of thermal façade, thermal insulation and waterproofing
• Natural gas heating installation
• Hydraulic, sewage and electrical network installation
• Stairwell cladding and tiling
• Positioning of external window frames
• Placement of sanitary items, kitchen cabinets and internal frames
• Oil painting
• Air-conditioning installation
• Surrounding space configuration and arrangement
• Furniture placement and interior stylisation and decoration


One of the two main activities of RENOX is the purchase of old buildings or houses and apartments with the purpose of total reconstruction and reallocation in the real estate market.

Following long term usage, all properties display wear and tear together with various problems that necessitate radical renovation in order to improve both their functionality as well as aesthetic upgrading.

The reconstruction process by RENOX comprises the following stages:

• Floor stripping and dismantling of window and door frames of all spaces including the kitchen and the bathroom• Έκδοση οικοδομικής άδειας
• Dismantling of all hydraulic and electric installations
• Removal of existing masonry
• Construction of new masonry and repair of putative problems in existing walls
• Installation of a new sewage, heating and water supply network
• New electrical installation
• Insertion of air-conditioning systems fire safety and alarms
• Placement of plasters
• Cement coating and tiling
• Installation of new external frames
• Placement of new kitchen furniture (cabinets etc), internal frames, mounting of external armored entrance door
• Oil painting
• Installation of sanitary items
• Lighting and electrical devices fitting
• Professional cleaning of all the work areas by a specialized cleaning crew
• Positioning of decorative items

RENOX has already realized numerous property reconstructions in eastern and central Thessaloniki for the purpose of private sale to customers for own use or investment through short-term or long-term leasing.

Golden Visa

The issue of Golden Visa refers to an initial 5-year residence permit for investment activities to third country nationals (outside the European Union). The Immigration and Social Integration Code (La 4146/2013) contains provisions according to which a) if third country nationals outside of the EU purchase real estate property in Greece, the value of which exceeds €250,000, or b) third country nationals proceed in realizing capital investments of 3 to 100 million euros in Greek enterprises or enterprises residing and headquartered in Greece (with a parallel creation of 150 employment positions) or infrastructure works, by submitting an application and producing the required documents, these nationals can obtain the Golden Visa. In fact, the above permit maybe renewed each time for an equal duration of 5 years, provided that the real estate property remains in the possession and ownership of the third country national and that all other requirements by law are fulfilled.

RENOX provides exceptional real estate investment suggestions for nationals of third countries. Moreover, advisory support for the acquisition of a Golden Visa to prospective customers interested in real estate purchase or investment can also be provided.

projects beyond expectations!

RENOX DEVELOPMENTS is a rapidly growing construction company based in Thessaloniki, with main activity the construction of new houses and apartment buildings, the acquisition and renovation of apartments for own exploitation and the reconstruction of old buildings.