The process of buying and selling a property is a complex affair that requires the assistance of specialized professionals to carry it out. The main actions and stages related to the implementation and successful completion of this process are the following:

1. Choice of property by the buyer

The choice of property by the buyer can be made directly by RE / NOX or through real estate agents to whom the disposal has been assigned by the company.

2. Legal property inspection

In order to ensure the legality and regularity of the property titles through a specialized lawyer, the buyer can conduct a legal inspection of the property at the competent Land Registry and the land registry.

3. Deposit deposit

In order to ensure the commitment of the sale and at the same time to withdraw the property from the market, the buyer under the guidance of his lawyer should pay the company re/NOX a deposit, which is always granted after signing a private agreement between the two parties.

4. Collection of necessary documents

The buyer indicates the notary who will undertake the drafting of the contract as well as the processing of individual procedures such as the collection of all the necessary documents that the buyer will have to provide (ID, VAT number, D.The.PC., profession, residence, ENFIA certificate, etc.) and the seller (title deed, building permit, floor plans etc.). If the buyer is a foreign person, there are some differences in the actions of the purchase and sale that concern only the specific category of buyers.

5. Signing of a purchase and sale contract

The final contract is signed by both parties before the notary and transcribed at the competent Land Registry, which marks the completion of the final transfer of ownership of the property.

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RENOX DEVELOPMENTS is a rapidly growing construction company based in Thessaloniki, with main activity the construction of new houses and apartment buildings, the acquisition and renovation of apartments for own exploitation and the reconstruction of old buildings.

The aim of the company is to deliver to its customers with the “turnkey” works of top quality and modern specifications, always providing the best possible result, which achieves the following comparative advantages:

• The team of partners of RENOX DEVELOPMENTS consists of qualified engineers, excellent decorators and technical crews who have high know-how, continuous training and experience, a” triptych ” that guarantees the proper study and execution of each project

• In all works, excellent materials are used, aiming at the construction of quality works, high aesthetics and decoration that withstand time

• Continuous quality control is carried out during the entire project while guarantees of installation and proper operation of the properties are given

• Correct and complete execution of all legal acts is provided due to the status of the owner of the company



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